Most of my tweets are usually silly realisations about life. Or Doctor Who. Or Lost Girl. Or just TV in general. Yeah ♡

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My opinion:

'They're both sexy and their children will be gods.'

Please excuse me while I have a mental breakdown and go and cry in the corner.

Vex is just so fucking fun.

I really hope he features a bit more in the new season! #LostGirl #VexAppreciationTweet

That is how I would react. And then I would explode because he called me 'friend'.

This is what Doctor Who does to people.

Ohh I feel very old now I think about it... #DoctorWhoFeels

The bloody BBC.

Oh halp my poor head. I can't take my own ignorance of not knowing this. #BBCHalp #DidNotEvenRealise

BBC! What are you doing! BBC! STAHP. #DidNotEvenRealise

Girl: 'Asking Alexandria just another one of those goth bands.'

A man left his bike chained to a tree when he left for WWI in 1914. He never came back.

Oh god help what is my life.


Alex Kingston is so beautiful.

Hehehe... #CaptainJackHarkness #DoctorWho

I love this. Just love it. #Loki #DoctorWho

There are a lot of girls at my school who do this.

No, just no.

Found this on Facebook, and I absolutely hate it. People don't realise that it's an extremely stupid thing to do.

This is so true.

I really liked nine. He was actually pretty great, I don't see why people think it's okay to skip him.