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Wrote out our October calendar today, with a very important day.

Yay me! #SailorMoon <3

Leaving for work I just started grabbing stuff from the fridge. Apparently was really thirsty. #stilldrunkfromlastnight

My ONLY day off & work called me to see if I'd come in for 7 hrs, I said no, too busy playing #PS3 & enjoying my wine.

Black & white cookie, pumpkin spice coffee, no clothes. #greatmorning

My life is complete! #pumpkinspice

#traffic and a #haboob ?! Lame.


:( My favourite flats are dying.


I stole the birthday girl's headband. #MinnieMouse

Brinca Brinca y pollo (jump jump and chickens)

When you haven't seen your #bestfriend in forevs & you miss her, you make a candle lit vigil with memories & Hurricane.

#desertlife #bikinitime Join me?!

The sun is winning today... #bikinitime

My grandma didn't like my frosting designs, so she's re-doing them. She's beautiful and OCD, just like me!

Every time I drive through the tunnel, I think of 28 Days Later.

Cleavage makes me happy! :D

Ya'll should read a book today. I'm reading Steve Martin's new novel.