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Um, the Pens’ stretch of games from mid-March to early-April is insane. 4 games per week for 3 straight weeks. Wow.

Saw a Hartford Whalers logo on someone’s bumper on the way out. In Texas, that’s like seeing a unicorn.


Lots of Pens fans here.



Three similar Leafs tweets 2 seconds apart. #Randy

I don’t know why, but I found this unintentional rhyme funny. I feel terrible for Vonn, though.

Not something you see every day in Texas.

Here’s three Penguins wishing you & yours a Merry Christmas :)

As for me, got me lots of pretty new clothes (including a Maatta Finland shirt), & my Dad picked out this…

Merry Christmas Eve!

When the DVDs are taken out, the stackable inserts turn into an image that was frequent from that particular season.

Instead of the usual DVD packaging,they used stackable magnetic plastic inserts & housed the DVDs in between each one

Open the side, & the complete set of DVDs for the entire series plus an insert is inside.

Open the top, & it looks like Walt’s money, but it’s really a Los Pollos Hermanos apron. Also bonus feats/medallion.

It’s presented in a barrel, which is cool b/c that’s, as BrBa fans know, a prevalent item throughout the series.

I got so confused. I thought was somehow relating black squirrels to Corey Perry.

He was relied on for 3rd pair mins when he was in (w exception of bad Philly game) Will def get more now.