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lol #a #n #a #l #y #s #i #s

They don’t make Woody dolls like they used to. He ain’t Elmo, man.

Tweetbot’s blue checkmark timeline feature sure is coming in handy today. Easy to spot fakes.

I think 's tweet broke Twitter's RT counter.

Couldn’t find the original one, but here… olli and crazy maggie

What these guys said. (If that was the real price, a trade would’ve already happened though, right?)


Love it.


You wanna know why the NHL needs to keep going to the Olympics? Current trends in the US:


So, uh, I got a Mario Lemieux signed puck in my Mario Lemieux Foundation charity bag. It’s fine. Nbd.


Um, the Pens’ stretch of games from mid-March to early-April is insane. 4 games per week for 3 straight weeks. Wow.

Saw a Hartford Whalers logo on someone’s bumper on the way out. In Texas, that’s like seeing a unicorn.


Lots of Pens fans here.