Allex Llenos.


18 years young. est 6.28.95 Filipino. Dancer in Progress. God. FCJ. Bay Born. Norcalian. :3

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My reward to myself for passing my driving test!  #fatgirltweet

These army supposed to be my thing but when I happen to check..they're always on point.. 

#TweetAPictureOfYourFriendship Thug Shit Shenanigans

#TweetAPictureOfYourFriendship Aww..damn.. Having withdrawals. Happy Awkiversary y'all.  #gaytweet #Awk11 #Sexy6

#TweetAPictureAboutYourFriendship Oh the feels..  Miss them #Awk11

#TweetAPictureOfYourFriendship Your face is perfect for a "Booty Had Me Like" pic HAHAHAHA 

#TweetAPictureOfYourFriendship Don't hate me LMFAO 

#TweetAPictureOfYourFriendship Yup. 

#TweetAPictureOfYourFriendship We make faces at each other and pos pictures like this.  ROTFL

#TweetAPictureOfYourFriendship No words.. Except.. No shame.  

#TweetAPictureOfYourFriendship His enthusiasm never fails to exceed mine. LMFAO 

Am I hipster yet? 

My "I hate you, bitches" face LOL

"I'm expecting and I'm sad because it's not a boy.." LMFAO 

Bitches be like "Got mah nails did!"  LMFAO  #Voldemort #HarryPotter

It's really not much but here and the rest of the world that wants to see. Lol. 

Nostalgic.  #DisneyLovin

Says you. #swervebitch 