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Blood or Night? Thoughts? #MischievousBelfNelf flie

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You tell me: Blood or Night Elf??? ^..^ #SaturdayNightSelfie

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Cosplay light on a Friday night? Why d'hell NOT??? This is my life RIGHT now lol ;) - #StarWars #Leia #WheresJabba

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TUESDAY = ARMS DAY so you're welcome to the Girls' Gun Show hehe...
ALSO I feel fancy because I tried on eyeshadow tricks I learned on Pinterest. >_>
TRAINER TIP TIME. I get this one a lot: Eating after all of zee working out???? One of my friends said it best: "Don't DISRESPECT your workout by eating crap or by NOT eating post exercise."
The 45 minutes following your workout is when your bod is PRIMED to metabolize nutrients. Your metabolism is fired up from exercise so it's the perfect time to REFUEL.
Eat something protein rich to feed your muscles and help them rebuild = tighter body! Pair it with some carbs to restore depleted glycogen stores.
TRY YOUR HARDEST not to go beyond that 60 minute window to get something in after you workout. DON'T DISRESPECT YOUR WORKOUT!
P.S. Working on my second book ;) AM xo

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PIC! I REALLY like these! - but can't for the life of me find some good lighting so you can see the color break, etc - damnit --

West Hollywood at the design studios (was yesterday) for my line, "ALICIA MARIE by Rogiani"
Trying on a 'sample' for some new two-tone leggings that are long enough for long legs but don't look 'odd' of you aren't a leggy broad!
They are mid-waist (not high-waist; not low-rider) and figure-hugging. I like how they make mah boo-tay look hehe. Not obscene, but definitely still super flattering! #ALLtheShopping

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This was our inspiration! ;)

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Working out with a friend = INSTANT ACCOUNTABILITY ;)...taking over the gym/world with my 'fit sis'

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[PIC]: When I buy my MYSELF workout pants VS. When buys them FOR ME...O_o #WomenWillKnow

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Me and Manhattan Beach on Friday ;) Photography by B-House Joneleit <3

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Huge face full o' makeup - cheapo Ebay bikini and a few of my favorite weapons.
...Imma about to turn this shoot OUT, ya'll.

And then eat an entire stack of pancakes.
And a steak.

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ANATOMY LESSON!! Did I show you peeps this SWIMSUIT? I posted on FB - ( )

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My girlie is showing me her WizofOz PJs. Just realized ink on her inner thigh - hawt #Gaslight

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All I need now is my lasso, snitches ;)

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This vintage airplane is turning me on...XD (Sarah Lyons photographer)

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AHEM! Seen in the waiting room ... ;)

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D-check when bags get here >:( #FAIL) - but think this lil bikini designer is Wicked Wear

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With Jace's buddy Cesare "Tight Eyez" Willis from 'Stomp the Yard' - check out his ELLEN appearance

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Hey hey! Fit Figures March/April ;) yip yip!

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PIC by photog Sarah Lyons; BIKINI by -a cute one, ladies - here's the link

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Me kissing my NEPHEW Logan goodbye at the airport heading back to LA -- :'-)

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