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I Tri-Ducked "Meet Swampy" #wheresmywater

I Tri-Gnomed Mission 4 #wheresmyperry

I Tri-Gnomed Mission 2 #wheresmyperry

I Tri-Gnomed Mission 1 #wheresmyperry

I Tri-Gnomed Mission 3 #wheresmyperry

LTT, I love..

I’ve said it on 24 Feb 2011 and I will say if again today: thank u 4 the reminder.

نحبك يا ال تي تي

فعلاً صورة ماتعرفش تضحك عليها ولا تبكي

Looks like somebody didn’t finish playing Jumanji around here!

This is how i felt after i watched the entire #iPhone5 keynote event:

My comment about the new #iPhone5 could be understood by seeing this photo:

This was taken in 1992, I was only 14 years old, but can you spot me? it’s really easy :D

I made this: I Love You LTT! #iHateLTT #LibyaEF Please spread the love! ReTweet :D

يا عل طي طي.. كان بس تعرفو قداش نحبكم ياعطيكم حبة وسحيقة وتملحيقة ونار طليقة #iHateLTT

thanks to we have a nice time

thanks to we have a nice time

في سكاي كافي

democracy time for Asgard :P

بحدا الفوانيس في زاوية الدهماني