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I attempt more things than physically possible. Like invisibility. And I try to draw a lot. Sometimes its better than others.

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According 2 my TV that spells "infinity" w/ an X Im gonna be on Carson Daly's show Tues along w/

Nice! New issue of has a whole page of photos from my "Vertigo" show! Go cop it. Thnx Jux! #PopLife

Sometimes when my computer breaks I like to overcompensate and inject it with a thousand pounds of NEW POWER!

Today is a day full of fix. Fix chair. Fix computer. Fix car. And FIX DISHWASHER!

Here is Donation Mountain, about to erupt.

Lady &The Tramp (and the donut).

On route to LA w/ my band of merrymen Skinner, Bowen, Paul & Darren, & about to pop THIS GEM into the VHS player!

Best birthday gift I had no idea existed. Thanks .

Doing some "research" in Oakland that involves seeing a steampunk snail car. Research is fun.

Here's my piece for the "Gag Me With A Toon 3" show at Meltdown tomorrow! Title: "My Little Bony".

Rad! I have almost a 102 temp. If wasn't here I prob wouldn't've even known. Thanks 4 saving me.

the best advice is given from the best friend.

Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic & the lovely Mrs Kimya Dawson sound checking. Rad.

Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic & the lovely Mrs Kimya Dawson sound checking. Rad.

Here's a twit pic of my Star Wars Empire 30th anniversary print. Check it.

The only two options there should ever be in life.

What u guys know about executive chef !? So proud, man. Kincaids in Redondo Beach. Yelp it yo!

Want some secret midnite info? Aesop Rock Kimya Dawson & Rob Sonic are performing 4 FREE at my Zerofriends store:

Bye Milwaukee. You were yummy. Heart.

A comet passed by the sky and we disintegrated. Happily.