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Princess. Fairy Godmother. Geek. YouTube Fairy Tale Ranter. Author of ENCHANTED, HERO, & DEAREST. Rhymes with Promethea. BEWARE: CONTAGIOUS HAPPINESS

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Sunset on Stowe #vermont

Josh...being Josh. He got taller, but he never changed.

My nephew Josh, who is not Seth Rogan

My Steam Fairy in all her Award-Winning Glory! #RWA14

Super cute selfie bomb with ! #RWA14

Yay, cherry blossoms!

Baugher's Pie Chart! I am a dreamer with high standards.

Have a great day today, everybody.


Clouds over Baltimore

Cap goes home to regroup, check the sale papers, and decide which store needs his help next. #avengersthanksgiving

Cap gives Santa a high five! #avengersthanksgiving

Cap is now going to move this tree. Really. Wait for it. #avengersthanksgiving

Cap gives Santa a high five!

Captain America: Saving the world before 10am. #avengersthanksgiving

Hey -- I have your and YOU CAN'T HAVE HER BACK. #chocolatewins

SO in love with this pic of me & ! Keep tagging me in your pics, #lessthanthree peeps! And thank you! Xox

Princess Alethea, reporting for duty! #lessthanthree

Happy book birthday to me! #thelastcupcake

Last day DragonCon selfie silliness with ! #faceoff #sotiredwerepunchy