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Even though I have the new iPad, I still prefer actual books. Here are the next 13 books I will read:

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Here's the group that attended my Cutting Edge Clinic in NC. My full clinic schedule:

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Here are my new customized KD & Kobe shoes that I'll be rockin' on my clinic tour. Which ones do YOU like best?

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Like father, like sons... already teaching my boys to Tweet:

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Basketball players must have strong hands. The Born Backcourt is already on a grip training program:

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Understanding the concept in this picture will dictate how successful your off-season really is:

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I'm proud to announce my son Jack will be on the cover of Men's Health. Perfect physical specimen:

As much as I enjoy traveling, I hate being away from The Born Backcourt:

Just finished doing an in-service training with a group of coaches from South Africa:

My 2 year old twin sons, Luke & Jack (aka The Born Backcourt) are always rollin' on dubs:

On Sunday's I take my twin sons (Born Backcourt) to Dave & Busters. This is the ONLY game they play:

I just finished doing a training session with a group of coaches from India! #BasketballisGlobal

Some people think Jeremy Lin's success happened overnight. Wrong! It's taken years to create Linsanity:

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What does The Born Backcourt do on a cold Sunday morning? Ride Motorcycles at Dave & Buster's:

Jeremy Lin's success is no accident. He has been preparing for this his whole life! Check out the NEW #Linsanity:

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If you're down with the #Linsanity, check out this picture (Jeremy Lin is the epitome of this quote):

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Here I am doing my best Rocky impersonation during our game against Gonzaga:

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If u live in the state of North Carolina, u either LOVE this picture or u HATE it (no grey area):

Luke's Fireman hat says, WARNING: this product is a toy and should not be used as a safety device. Really? Thanks.

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We followed the 20 minute routine on this Yoga Hoops DVD by Kent Katich: