Web, sports, movies, science geek. I'm ok at pool. Also been found instructing Web Dev stuff. To paraphrase Carl: I need to know the universe as it truly is.

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If Star Wars was more literal:

WARNING! The attached picture is of a spider. Don't click on it if that's not your thing. Otherwise, hilarity.

One of the biggest issues for GoT fans who haven't read the books is getting spoilers. This made me laugh.

Great job on the final, guys! #UnrelatedButAwesomePicture

Nice exam!

You know nothing, . Also, stating something is a fact does not actually make that thing a fact. #ActualFact

Here's a reward for you:


The only picture of your home…that's for sale. #DoingItWrong

You've wasted the opportunity to say "Do you know who I am?" followed by a loud Sideshow Bob laugh.

First pic of what Benedict Cumberbatch will look like as Smaug:

Look what came today. A perfect game for me.

A very happy Charles Darwin Day everyone!

Got Google Music working. Word.

If only it was this easy for them :)

Sometimes, you have to be SO grateful for movies that never got made. #Shudders

Saw this on Facebook, thought it was poignant considering the current #Winnipeg weather.

Just like in Star Wars, the father is way cooler than the son.

It's only January 2nd, and already there's a clear cut winner for dumbest tweet of the year:

Oh, Learn.

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