From Brooklyn but currently in Virginia for Law School. These r my thoughts not how I act  . Young n educated, follow me. #teamiPhone

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let me find out the V.I. competing in the olympics separately.

My Direct TV was acting up earlier when it snowed but I went n cleansed my satellite off

That pink on pink

Fish, broccoli n mashed potatoes

My Simsimi wants a piece of Rhi Rhi lmao

A small step in the home stretch but I think it's worth posting after all this hard work

But I'm ok put some of this in me

A tad faded for my #finalsAreOverCelebration

Just had a great breakfast

You can tell I'm in NY just bc I got the Metro

Thais to this Red Bull I got my 5 assignments done that are due tomorrow #procrastination

All these kids at MW3 12 o'clock release -_-

Just had crab fest at Red Lobster 

Beginning of a good night  #Octoberfest

At work bar tending now

Right now my job is to taste food :)  n I'm getting paid this is always the best work day 

Eating crabs

At the barbershop bout to tame this beast

Some guy just stuck his tongue out at the camera in da background of an espn interview #ballsofsteel<lol

Went in for 1 n came out with 4 lol Beyonce4InStores