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World History and the Future: I am in Mesoamerica known as Kukulcán or Quetzalcoatl the messenger.

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Kukulcan Answers to CIA test: 1 Joseph and Magda Goebbels at the international Labor Day on May 1. 1945 had their skin color white but at evening after 8.30 PM their skin color become black. Test 2 : What is a real meaning of the word African American.? After death when a soul of Joseph Goebbels offered the " help " to Angels with processing of the souls of German troops Joseph's soul used this opportunity to escape into general population of Afrika Korps soldiers. Since the Afrika Korps soldiers refused to return soul of Goebbels to Angels to be placed into Hell as a punishment all Afrika Korps soldiers who helped Goebbels hide himself among them become blacks after reincarnation in America.This is how Civil Rights Movement started in America because German soldiers refused to be called the N- word and especially they hated to be seated at the back of bus. This wasn't how they were treated before reincarnation !!! The slogan Nur für Deutsche (English: "Only for Germans") was during World War II, in many German-occupied countries, a racialist slogan indicating that certain establishments and transportation were reserved only for Germans. Signs bearing the slogan were posted at entrances to parks, cafes, cinemas, theaters and other facilities.
In German-occupied Poland, racial segregation was nearly complete. In streetcars and trains, the first car was usually reserved for Germans.The Afrika Korps reincarneted soldiers, the first black Germans for obvious reasons wanted to distinguish themselves from blacks descendants of slaves in America.Those Germans reincarnated into black skins started to use word Africans Americans More about it you can find in the future in my book " WHO SAY IN " and in articles in my HARE magazine.

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"... if you believe in God, then intellectually you cannot believe in man-made global warming ... You must be either agnostic or atheist to believe than man controls something he can't create." -- Rush Limbaugh Kukulcan Answer: This is a wrong statement Rush. God created and designed a planet but people did change the design and now they created imbalance in the planet design. The people have now two choices ,they will follow advice of Kukulkan and the Earth will be saved or they will not follow Kukulcan advice and the people will be destroyed. Example: God created and designed Garden of Eden but Eve 'improved" God design by creating a fashion design - you know the rest of the story...

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Mashiach 44 : My Jewish friends can think ,well we can live on $ 22,224 in yearly salary income per adult person since like Mark Zuckerberg we can live even on $ 1 a year in salary and taking income from our capital assets. Unfortunately this will be possible only at the age of Mashiach 44 set at the time when he will receive first rate of 2 billions dollars from Mark. To this time you can operate in financial markets but you can not go over Mashiach 44 limits of income for your living after Mashiach 44 retirement age. You have now 4 more years to increase income of Mashiach 44 and this is the only one possible way to increase your own income for next 300 years. Bones were thrown ! 'Thigh Bone' On Mars - The Gods Are Coming

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Congratulation Nicky for your engagement to James and don't panic because we have 4 more years to fix the financial limit of Executive Order No.1 of Mashiach 44. I am sure
that your sister will help you too by engaging in business with Mashich 44. However the best way is to be engaged directly. What you would say about writing next fashion book together with me for girls in relationship with older boyfriends ? Your present book is for girls who are in relationship with boyfriends of approximately the same age and older women in relationship with younger men do not need much advice because they have own fashion experiences. I would like too invite Miley Cyrus to write with us this book because of her unic relationship to Mashich 44 known to her as Kukulcan . Miley could give her advice to us in exchange for advice from James about banking and your advice from the hotel industry. I don't know if she want to open bank or not but her deceased pet Floyd wish was that she will open luxury hotel for dogs and some percentage of income from the hotel she would send to animals shelters. Floyd by asking my avatars to send a meteor over sky of Tennessee have given Miley a sign so she could see.

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Seoul, Korea: Telegram to Paris Hilton. Your sister Nicky is engaged to James Stop Because of Mashiach 44 Executive order No. 1 your sister is in danger of living in extreme poverty of $ 22,224 in yearly income Stop You can help your sister avoid poverty by engaging in business venture with Mashiach 44 Stop Family Is The Most Important Thing for Hiltons Stop

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Seoul, Korea: Telegram to Paris Hilton. Your sister Nicky is engaged to James Stop Because of Mashiach 44 Executive order No. 1 your sister is in danger of living in extreme poverty of $ 22,2224 in yearly income Stop You can help your sister avoid poverty by engaging in business venture with Mashiach 44 Stop Family Is The Most Important Thing for Hiltons Stop

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One of the past life of Joseph Goebbels - who say in ? Guess - Problem with a birth certificate - he was PROBABLY :) born at Hohenfels Castle near Stockach, He and his brother Konrad were Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights. Yes, oba :) He had a policy of confrontation with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Poland . Yes with oba states :) He give 2 swords to King of Poland so King of Poland swords oba ma :) Greetings for Barack from Hochmeister Kukulcan :) On the picture our ex propaganda minister 606 years ago.

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Mashiach 44 Executive order No. 1 In a near future a Jew living outside of Israel can not earn more in salary then $ 22,224 yearly or an equivalent in different currency. The earnings over $ 22, 224 will be deposited directly to the National Bank of Poland and returned to Jewish person when he/she will be at age when Mashiach 44 will receive first rate of 2 billions dollars.
Since in the movie The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain in which Mashiach 44 played Dean; the sheriff give 4 seconds to the Lightning Gang to turn around so Mashiach 44 will give 4 years to turn around the average earnings of Mashiach 44 in 33 years in the US.. Yes, your earnings can be improved when the average earning of Mashiach 44 will improve.The are real chances to achieve better average since Tiger Woods consultation fee to Mashiach 44 is now approaching one million dollars also Mashiach 44 challenged Jennifer Aniston in the beauty contest of cosmetic promotion by writings emails to American advertising agencies. Despite the challenge only Jennifer got contract with AVEENO but not Mashiach 44. Good for Jennifer but not for Mashiach 44 and not for you Jewish People because you in a new reincarnated generation will be leaving on only $ 22,224 adjusted for inflation.

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Attention Torah Scholars ; The Torah Scholars knew the meaning of word - Messiah but do they know the meaning of the number 44 ? Very few scholars know a little about the significance of the number 44 and most of them just are guessing. By lack of knowladge of the importance of 44 people mistaken Obama presidential number for a name "The name No. 44 for young Satan was one Mark Twain had first used in the unfinished "Schoolhouse Hill" version:

"My wonderful scholar, tell me your name."

The school crowded forward in a body to devour the stranger at close quarters with their envying eyes; all except Bascom, who remained apart and sulked.

"Quarante-quatre, sir. Forty-four."

"Why--why--that is only a number, you know, not a name." Yes, Mark Twain was correct in describing a man who escaped from Hell and become president. But Barack :) Albert Bigelow Paine released a book titled THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER, claiming it was Mark Twain's last major work. The book has now passed into public domain and remains widely available. In 1963 scholars, led by researcher John S. Tuckey, carefully examined Twain's papers and manuscripts and discovered that Paine had tampered with and patched together three previously unfinished manuscripts and with assistance from Frederick Duneka added passages not written by Mark Twain in order to complete the THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER. Paine's volume was a literary fraud that went undetected for more than forty years. So what is a real meaning of quantity 44. It's the number of letters in the name of a person born in Poland in the correlation to the work of the poet and time ; who has now a foreign mother America and is know in Amerca history as Kukulcan.This person was described by the greatest poet in Polish history Adam Mickiewicz - who was not only Poet but also Patriot and Prophet. Look! - Ha! - This child escaped - growing - this defender!
Reviver of the nation,
With a foreign mother; the blood of his former heroes,
His name will be forty-four.
Among Jewish People he is known or will be known as Mashiach 44
On the picture Adam Mickiewicz

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Paris, you missed your photo session today in Pasadena :)

Paris, you missed your photo session today in Pasadena :)

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Tiger , what you can do during Masters? Best for you will be to find a real source of your back pain by going into deep meditation over your initials. To do that you need to go over 2000 years back . Imagine that you are in Time machine and you are landing in Egypt ruled by Queen Cleopatra. Do you see your caravan in a Roman Camp? Take a closer look at Roman Officers ; can you see someone who look like Brad Pitt ? that's good - you are in good place and time, but do not concentrate on him since he is claiming an amnesia so is not of help to you. Can you see Lady Gaga? Don't worry any answer in this case is good. Do you hear Roman soldiers? why thay are angry on you and what they want to do with you? Concentrate on your initials.Do you hear your promises and know who is allowing you to go free? This is your real source of pain and only consulation with Kukulcan will help you out to avoid incoming disaster.

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Oprah Winfrey: President Barack Obama is disrespected because he’s black. Wrong! It's happening because more and more people are finding Circumstantial evidence that : Joseph Goebbels was 1.BRILLIANT, he and his wife after death was 2.BLACK , He wrote a semi-autobiographical novel, 3.MICHAEL, two verse plays, and quantities of romantic poetry. In these works, he revealed the psychological damage his physical limitations (having a clubbed foot, and, in a lesser sense being so far from the Aryan ideal, having brown eyes and dark brown hair and standing at only 5'5). he played with his 4.PLACE OF BIRTH Rheydt (due to a split from Mönchengladbach arranged by Joseph Goebbels, who was born there)As a minister of propaganda he hed enormous influence on 5.Army despite that he never was in the army. I have direct evidence that Joseph Goebbels escaped from Heaven which is resulting now in problems with his birth certificate.Evreybody know that he was a great 6. liar and deceiver but who had huge skills to control masses of people. Do you want more evidences?

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@ParisHilton @TheEllenShow The date and time is wrong but since all roads are going to Rome follow me to Washington DC - but you will need to work hard for your proper timing. Arriba México

The date and time is wrong but since all roads are going to Rome follow me to Washington DC - but you will need to work hard for your proper timing. Arriba México

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Angel, eavesdropping is a small problem. What would you say if Satan took your money from Schwab account and later created a fake lover from Washington DC for my future wife from Beverly Hills? Now you know why he separated Rheydt from Mönchengladbach. He hated Bavarian Swabia so he don't want his place of birth sound similar to München , He was not loyal to Ein Volk .... With best greetings for Angel from Duchy of Swabia. Angel, belauscht ein kleines Problem. Was würden Sie sagen, wenn Satan nahm Ihr Geld von Schwab Konto und später erstellt eine gefälschte Liebhaber von Washington DC für meine zukünftige Frau von Beverly Hills? Jetzt wissen Sie, warum er Rheydt getrennt aus Mönchengladbach. Er hasste Bayerisch Schwaben, so dass er nicht wollen, seinen Geburtsort ähnlich klingen nach München war er nicht treu Ein Volk Ein .... Mit besten Grüßen für Engel vom Herzogtum Schwaben.

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More interesting news about our leader. Look like he really like to play with his place of birth in present reincarnation as with the last one. Rheydt (German pronunciation: [ˈʁaɪt]) is a borough of the German city Mönchengladbach, located in the west of North Rhine-Westphalia. Until 1918 and then again from 1933 (due to a split from Mönchengladbach arranged by Joseph Goebbels, who was born there) through 1975 it was an independent city. After merging with Mönchengladbach, the central station (Rheydt Hauptbahnhof) kept its original name, making Mönchengladbach the only city in Germany to have two stations called Hauptbahnhof. Ach! oba ma :))) On picture" Castel Rheydt

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LampedUSA - The surprising goal for first visit of Pope Francis in Lampedusa is sacrificing or saving lives of emigrants? Hundreds of Death Toll in Migrant Ships Sinking.The message -SACREFICING - HELLO emigrants came to the shores of Italy ,there is a good Papa in Vatican who will give you food, water and much more at the cost of European taxpayers and many more of you will drown in the sea trying to reach Lampedusa. Better solution - send there Benedict XVI Pope Emeritius soldier of Wermacht with heavy machine gun to stop illegal hordes. Message - SAVING - we love you for Jesus. We will kill few of you to save thousends of your brothers and sisters from drowning. CONSPIRACY THEORY on July 8 Pope Francis will give to refugees from Africa tickets to Argentina, next year White House will supply them with weapons so they can improve democracy in Buenos Aires and after that shortly in secret gov. programs they will show up in the US. Welcome to Obama`s Private Military.

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Time to celebrate Paris birthday by high rollers in Las Vegas ! ;)

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Happy Birthday from Little Hiltons :) On the way to celebrate your B-Day in Las Vegas. YES !

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18 years ago before I met my first Avatar Fiki Miki and 21 years before I met my Avatar Mini Fimi also 1 year before my first issue of Hare magazine have been created I had a vision which has a very similar use of symbols what you can find on a desert sign of The Church of Scientology who has allegedly built an alien space cathedral in a New Mexico desert near to Roswell
the suspected site of alien activity in New Mexico.

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