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Lil bro doing his thing on all you bums. Y'all betta get with the program.

#TSUTrackandField ...Ain't nobody messing with my team! We live together. We die together. And don't cross our line.

you like throwing up at practice don't it ? Dehydrated ass nigga!

where you at!? Dot worry. I found you peeking.

Look at Alex tho! NO NECK havin ass

: thought he was safe #NoFamily” and I'm still clean! But you?

hahaha really bro? I caught you surprise didn't it?

thought you was safe huh?? No family!!

Brittney Betts tho? Yes? No?

thought he was safe? No sir!

Look at !

Look at -->

C'mon now, who's messing with me?

remember this pic at UNC? you gotta follow me back now since you mess with coach Cheeseborough

But my lil sister tho... #NationalSiblingDay

me smooth? Naw you smooth. Slim face ass nigga

I can't hear you. Ya nose sound stopped up. Face ass

junky? Get yo hungry ass on!

that's what you gone wear to prom ain't it? Silly face ass nigga

so you got plenty of pictures? Lonely ass nigga