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I host game shows, talk action movies, dabble in sports comedy & occasionally take to the stage to make with the funny. Add beer &'s a good time.

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If you've ever wondered what becomes of abandoned biscuits...

Perhaps theist misleading hair care product name of all time?

Hey - great idea 2 have counter full of candy where people pick up meds 4 diabetes obesity, etc...

Author's name of this abandonned book is really what all men want most in this life.

My crazy dog Daisy warned me to quit interrupting her nap w/my wife by flashing her lazer eyes.

Only in America do we have The Pirahna, the device that opens any plastic container...except the one it's in.

Hey! Let's all play "Watch pretend 2 carry a TV into an actor's house".

MSG regrets 2 inform u animals or good taste may have been harmed in making Clyde Frazier's outfit 2nite

When someone brings this 2 your Super Bowl party u know things could get nuts, quickly.

Oh neat, the issue of SI that never came just arrived at my house. Great. #SIjinx #bitterpatsfan

"Wait, these cookies taste like foot & sad!" #letsgopats

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And here's your gratuitous countertop fruit smiley 2 start the week off adorably

I've heard of bed head, but sofa head? And it's a faux hawk? FML!

This shirt is in as much hell as I'm in right now #sadpatriotsfan

Anyone for a Hot & Spicy Ding Dong? #funnycuzitstrue

Also taken here? Your organs, which are then sold on the black market.

It's deep-fried goodness was either here to feed us, or destroy us. Either way we ate it.

Odd reason 2 love Basketball Hall of Fame? Looks more like a supervillain lab than a HoF.

Hello, prime of my childhood. Can't believe I'm going 2 see show 2nite...on b'way!

Finally, an establishment with their priorities in order...

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