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Y U No LOOK at my Art, just joking well check em out if youd like http://twitpic.com/photos/agyronj

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XD drawing fairytail manga coz reading is to mainstream

  • 1334 days ago via site
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^_^ Dat Birthday Armor You can Say I leveled up http://agyron.deviantart.com/#/d5fxvg3m thats the animation but my bday is on thursday in the 2th

  • 1339 days ago via site
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So yeah guess whos back :3 and yes Im releasing is soon

  • 1351 days ago via site
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  • 1353 days ago via site
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XD so yeah i was experimenting with flash now tell me what the hell I just did coz I think this is sorcery

  • 1353 days ago via site
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well nm just finally got the mood back so yeah Im making a class

  • 1357 days ago via site
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Chibi agyron on patrol :3

  • 1360 days ago via site
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This thing Scared the Crap out of me XD and yes I made it for the monster contest pretty cool huh with all the possibilities in this monster

  • 1363 days ago via site
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Tobi = Obito makes sense XD just a quick painting

  • 1366 days ago via site
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Universal destroyer weapons I made too pass the time so yeah Im still redesigning most of behemoths parts so might take me quite some time so instead I will just flash 1 or 2 weapons for now just tell me which one

  • 1366 days ago via site
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XD warcraft style Banner Dunn really know Why I made this or for what particular reason Im gonna use it I did it for fun

  • 1368 days ago via site
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XD coz of my visually problematic eyes and various tormenting head aches I cant tell If I put the parts right

  • 1369 days ago via site
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so some of you were asking me what would it look like if I didnt add my special shading to my armors well I guess this will answer the question Is would look the frigging same LOL

  • 1370 days ago via site
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:3 so it begins behemoth preview after I got back from the hospital

  • 1370 days ago via site
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WIP im doing as of this moment its called celestial behemoth I didnt have a template with me so yeah randomness was all I had with me

  • 1371 days ago via site
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LOL nothing much just something I did in the hospital coz I was bored

  • 1371 days ago via site
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LOL ^_^ I did it XD And ofcourse My reaction

  • 1385 days ago via site
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The Amount Of its gonna be Miltonius Oversoul Version On this is too damn High

  • 1385 days ago via site
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^_^ Im gonna die for this bah what the hell

  • 1386 days ago via site
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When They See My fiendling They Hating :3

  • 1389 days ago via site
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