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One day I went to bed. I woke up the next morning, n I was awesome. I've been awesome ever since. That's my bio☺

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I die a thousand deaths lol #stolen

I made the list Cc . whoop!

Geography 1 way!!!☹ #NotCool

I once googled google! #GoogleMe B-)

n . Well, they do say sharing is caring lol I just had to

Clover n I! Ain't she a cutey!

My nose is bleeding and my tissue looks like a tampond! Lmfao!

I'm finally eating! Food's here!

I can't believe they kill animals to make such an ugly ass shoe! Lol it's FUGLY!

Christmas Balls lol no pun intended

I'm sooooooooooooo bored! Where is my uncle when you need him!?!?!

#ShitMyNephewDoes he's washing dishes my making a mess lol! This made me laugh and I needed 2 lol!!

This bug was roasted to death! This shows that climate change affects us all dearly!

So bored I'm watching The Hills! Lol

Already doing the laundry! Lol

#ShitMyNephewDoes: He cries and throws a temper tantrum and then this! Lmfao!

I scream 4 ice-cream lol. Please don't disturb us! Lol

I really hate mushy apples!

Don't be fooled we don't know what we're doing lol

Lol! Khanya's eahting Jiggies! Lol

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