im carlos :D SxE and you can call me old-fasfion cuz i think trains kickass :3 currently drummer for Welcome to the Family :D

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I need color pencils .-.

Thass my gastly xD

Ill get better .-.

I'm beast huh? :3

Stooopid xD come at me bro!

Kitteh :3

Your moms boobs xD

He thinks he people

Yes we're wearing the same shirt :3<3 no homo

Finished but the left one is messed up :c sorta idgaf doe xEd

It came out good :3 asked if it was carved in I said no x) and now its carved in :3

Lmao xD my sister does love me x)

I take pictures of still things and call it art. Can I put photographer in all my bios now? xD

U mad bro? RT needs to shut the fuck up cuzz he doesn't know music! He knows dick cuzz he's had so.."

I woke up wiff this little guy in my room :3 I caught him and went I'm not lazy imma go set him free and stuff :3

Rainbow :D

Bruno mars everybody xD

xD lmao too soon?

Me gusta xD

"I hate it" xD lmao