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I tweet random observations at 2 AM after I've had a couple of beers.. Feel free to live vicariously through me.

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Jesus always provides excellent service when you are in his section!

The fat lady tore part of the seat off with her cankles.

Behold the Power of Greyskull!!

won't stop playing with the newest addition to the collection... She loves the working microphone..lol

That's right! My Halloween costume is better than yours!!!!

Why does my desk smell?? Stinkor!!!!!

Nah! You can't even tell its been painted!

Yes, your Hyundai is so kick ass that you have to double park at McDonalds at 11 PM.. Fuck tard...

Attention all guys! Quit whipping your boogers on the fucking wall!

Look what a customer gave me! Oh yes.. I shall build it!

Look what a customer gave me! Oh yes.. I shall build it!

drank from the wrong bottle...lol

Nom nom nom nom

I'm having flash backs of 'Nam, man....

Yeah... I'm just gonna rest my eyes for a bit....

Hardcore tree eats barbed wire! Nom nom nom!

Found 's old Star Wars toys! The Jawa still has its coat! Eeeee!

playing Wii Boxing.. She's getting into it..lol

playing Wii boxing..lol

Just lovely...