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Builder of Death Stars. Lover of Grand Moffs. Fan of walks on the beach & wrecking Star Destroyers. Come to think of it Alderaan was a rather silly place anyway

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Bar2D2. Kill it. Now.

Today I give thanks for Tarkin. Just like every other day.

I didn't know had a brother, Mitt Veers. Also, there should be a account for my typos

And you said they were cute and harmless

So stupid

Snuggle Sundays

No, THIS is full of win: RT : what do you mean, fail? That is full of win!

Classic Tattoo Fail :

A teeny tiny

It's just me, Tarkin, and whatever planet's wine stash we decided to raid tonight:

Vader's cape material. It's mine, all mine! Eat ur heart out, fangirls...I didn't even have to sleep with him ;)

More cool stuff from my trip: Episodes I-III costume fabrics:

Gift shop at the Ranch:

Yoda statue at the Ranch:

Another awesome gift: Clone Wars patch:

Cool gift given to me today: Autographed Trisha Biggar number 42/1000 SW Dressing a Galaxy book:

Even I had to admit this was cute. #starwars

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