The most interesting mother fucker you will ever meet

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I was given a prowler for Xmas, how dope is that!

12 types of deads to cure what ails

New high gear suit, combatives practice just got better

Brutis hates cold mornings

Sleepy buddy

Juli chilling

Juli bear begging for a treat

Brutis hulking out

Bestest friends ...some times.

Brutis is like a weight room life guard

Now wearing ; yes it's Awesome. I know that, why do you think I own it? What does say about this?

Goof ball bulldogs

Would you like to drop 10 lbs of fat and 4 dress sizes before August? Contact today #fatloss #minneapolis

here is Becky's latest assessment. Down a total of 10 lbs and 5 inches

This makes perfect sense

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