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Living w/stage 4 breast cancer. Writing about it at Mom to 3. Creator of #mondaypleads. Doing as much as I can for as long as I can.

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Last night dinner at (with & more)

Last night dinner at (with & more)

Rainy day

on iTunes!

I think at did great job transforming one of my garden photos for cover of Six Minutes

This one was with my oldest, on her birthday a few days ago.

A corgi by your side makes everything better.

Paige got her red belt today, now officially a certified karate instructor #happy15thSenseiAdams

the scene in my room right now... With your flowers (forgot photo the first time)

These three are my inspiration. So sad cancer kept me from seeing this scene in person last night.

The moment you remember THESE are in the freezer. And no one else is home. #mineallmine

Makes me laugh. Selfie with 's Bitzy

I don't have to look far for my beauty today thanks to (can't do them justice, they are exquisite)

thank you for the card today! So cute. Looks like drawing from book Courageous Corgi we loved.

lots of reds here! Lame photo but it's out the car window in pickup line

So sweet of to drop off frickles. Poor wants in on the action #crazyeyes

At DHS varsity soccer game. They are raising funds for metastatic breast cancer research at

Time for my injection. Then I'm gonna blow this joint. #oncology

Guess bone scan tracer has a long half life. Haven't even been taken back and got handed this as my "welcome gift"

So that didn't go well. One line left in for later that wouldn't give blood. One hand vein blown.One finally worked.