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Iowa/B1G sports and things, here and there. FWAA. Starting quarterback of the Chicago Cubs. I hope I entertain you.

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Really confused by the direction The Avengers took with the Hulk.

Got all this in the mail the other day. GETS me: I like equality and I like turtles.

No, YOU just spent 20 minutes doing a Picasso on Draw Something.


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And this one's just bragging. Sorry. I can't have this and not brag.

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It turns out turkey tenderloins are awesome on the grill with the right recipe. I don't usually cook this pretty.

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Damn it cat what are you even doing, that's not a bed

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It's a struggle for her. So we allow certain concessions.

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...and Ellie after I got back, lighter by however much a dog's ladyparts weigh. 10 pounds? 20?

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Ellie the day before I took off for Florida, blissful as ever.

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Ellie has begun getting in the tub after every walk, regardless of whether she got dirty. Here, it was warranted.

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Ellie now, and what she'll look like in 11 years. Good to know. (Also another dog.)

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15 minutes of that business, and Ellie is worn out. A worn out puppy is a good puppy.

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Get her, Ellie! (Ellie is never going to get her.)

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Ellie is a master of stealth.

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But a lightning-fast goldendoodle--one that can catch frickin' rabbits, like Bailey--is wholly unreasonable.

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By unreasonably fast, I mean greyhounds are fast, Great Pyrenees are slow. Here, slow Ellie chases Bailey in vain.

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Meet Bailey, the 10-month old goldendoodle. Bailey is the most unreasonably fast dog I've ever seen.

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Ellie's not a biter, and that's really, really, really fortunate.

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