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What the #SupremeCourt news on #healthcare decision looks like to us newsies

Don't worry . I warmed it up for you #stanleycup

Spotted: & hard at work during event @ chamber of comm

Category: people that are chyroned by only one name #Bono cc:

Is the #wordoftheday really "accident" ???

With the #StanleyCup after this morning

Anyone see my ball? I'm playing the Titlleist 3 #duffer

This thumbs up was for you cc:

Look at that Mississippi rainbow. #3wayrace #tooclosetocall #Decision2012

Drudge had to have been just WAITING to run this picture - but is Romney in the clear?

Adding a special #SuperBowl touch to our set this morning #giants #patriots

Incentive for Gingrich to continue on? Orange=Ging. Green=Romney h/t

Standing O for the wizards. #NewEra?

Wizards are winning. This guy is happy.

Today possible in part b/c of these guys: Dr. Rhee & Lemole #Giffords

Watching tribute on House floor. Amazing to think that this was just a year ago

Standby immediately after #FLDebate for analysis by

Last night of the tree #30Rock

In a cab in NY and look what I stumble across #NBCfbdebate