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The one and only Action Jackson, a psuedo-superhero cynic w/ no censor. You've been warned. I'm an observer, I like facts...

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So turns out you, yes you, *might* be why society is declining intellectually, check this out.

  • 1828 days ago via site
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Tried to go for a faux-hawk today and the lady messed up I need up having to shave half my head....ehhh it grows fast

  • 1830 days ago via site
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Pic of the day, from an awesome class called critter college at cific a captive raised Lorikeet.

  • 1880 days ago via site
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The #TMI & status update of the day for me there are something you shouldn't "share" this is 1

  • 1883 days ago via site
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My evil parents raising yet another generation of batman pervs, seriously awesome pic #Zo #Batmobile

  • 1891 days ago via site
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MAtt holding down the keyboards and Kim shaking her ass at the house of blues in SD for the concert.

  • 1930 days ago via site
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This is a very simple drawing of the design/size I want. #Aquarium

  • 1936 days ago via site
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I've been accused of being racist, this officially makes me white, who to thank...oh yes Satan of course...

  • 1962 days ago via site
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Female A. perideraion [Pink Skunk Clownfish] guarding eggs at base of host anemone (Captive Specimens)

  • 2002 days ago via site
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  • 2025 days ago via site
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Dude you're missing out, this is what my phones home screen looks like, and that's just a skin.

  • 2037 days ago via site
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We are having weather issues here in LA too, it's not just snowstorms #ILOVELA #6Man

  • 2056 days ago via site
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#THIS See kids humor lesson, don't back down, commit to the bit and finish it the results are often great.

  • 2100 days ago via site
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At night when I can't sleep things that normally wouldn't be as funny are...#startrek

  • 2102 days ago via site
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Pic of the day, a young Tomato Clown [A. Frenatus] hovers over it's host Bubble-Tip Anemone [E. Quadricolor]

  • 2123 days ago via site
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I usually wear Sandals so I don't usually notice too often how freakishly large my feet are, at least here anyway

  • 2146 days ago via site
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So arm is broken, along with bruised ribs and maybe a torn knee ligament, I of course refused the cast, hell no lol

  • 2147 days ago via site
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This is a pic from Catalina, these things don't bother you but they are huge and ppl are afraid

  • 2205 days ago via site
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Recent photo of Redondo Beach, Ca - this is where I grew up.

  • 2217 days ago via site
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