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WA State a private citizen must cover truck when transporting stuff. Private companies, no. 1/4″ dent/gouge

Really!? It’s just like when you call them!

Talkin about

Wel I know you follow me for real time data. Here’s what I’ve paid for gas (89 octane) over the last few months.

it was worth it!

I just rolled out a scarf with major mojo for the 2nd half. Infallible. #ECS #EBFG

Can you imagine just on a hike running into these kooks randomly?

I challenge anyone to point out a more ugly current MLS kit than LAGs:

got a new box & this message is popping up every few days on all channels. Always for live sports. Help?

I hate to say that Karen and I are undefeated when attending home matches longer than I care to research.

NBC chose a great backdrop for their “stand by” screen.


and stupid me just buying the Pitch Black kit. :) god, it’s good.