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In hopes of becoming a stewardess, DIE HARD Red Sox fan, and my first name spelled backwards is STILL the same.

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Talk about 80's Retro! 's mommy's snow gloves. :-)

Selling this painting, "Society As We Know It" an original by Ada Ruiz. Bidding starts a 10,000 do I hear 20? #awyeah

Do I remind you of one of the old ladies that collect coffee cups from around the states?

Awesome nails! :)))

And that's what makes you the best

Mmm, look what I'm enjoying :-)

I even have me own state!! :))))

I live fall because of the colors and the scents and especially because if these little guuiisseee. :)))

They should really make their own nail polish. Coke red color. I would so buy! #someonemakeit

Meet Jill :)))))))

Prettyyyy caanddyyyy. I don't want to eat. I want for decor. :)))

Coffee with Mr. Skywalker. ;-)

Prrrreeetttttyyyy :)

Look what I'll be finally finish reading today :))))))))

Yum yuuummmm, day 2 and I feel awesome. :)))))

Day 1: strawberry/apple/orange. Has a very weird flavor but it's sooo damn good! This is gonna be easier than I thought

Yaayyy my name's engraved in my wallet :DDDD

Ohaaayyyy ;)))

Well, it was nice knowing all of you. After this i will be in heaven.

Babysitting 's adoooorraabbllleee baby Audrey. :))))))<3