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Just got back from the Irish Pub, had a Guinness and a piece of the best apple pie ever!

Jeff Gordon is trending in the US right now!

Ziva, hiding under the table, after having stolen my dad's pipe:

This Saturday is so boring even Ziva is bored. Dogs aren't supposed to get bored.

My comics finally came! Wohoo.

The Fortune Cooke fortune.

Dexter and Ziva watching the street cleaner. They're so damn cute!

Ziva & Dexter, new BFFS, watching my dad take out the trash.

Ziva has her sport harness on and is ready to go play!

Wohoo! Look what just arrived! (Thanks to !)

We were sitting together, then she...somehow took over the chair and now is sleeping peacefully.

Up to no good

It's been a while, Ziva wants to say hi to Twitter:

*excited squeal* Look what I got!

Ok, got it:

He, look, Clark Kent is trending in the US! (Lois and Tess both did, too)


Starting Finale Fay drinking coffee out if my Daily Planet mug and reading the newspaper. Seems fitting.

I now have this staring at me all day. I think would approve.

Today's Super stuff:

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