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Any #accessibility folks know if these Adobe Flash Player settings are navigable by screen readers? (?)

Mountains are merely mountains.

Made my own API for setting content area dates. Code available here https://github.com/jasonblanchard/change-dates #edtech

. This is a joke, right? ;)

Command line tool for setting content area timings in Learn #thisisnotborkenanymore

I'm very disappointed that this site does not respond to my user needs.

Holy moly, I think that's it https://gist.github.com/jasonblanchard/5042090

. 's future university of distributed services loosely connected by APIs like LTI #edtech #drupalcampnj #awesome

Awesome! Ever been to First Round Capital in University City? Biggest chalk board ever

This poetry just happened on my Facebook wall.

Blarg, here it is again

Ahh, Behat is just a delight. #Drupal #testing #BDD

Ahh, Behat is just a delight. #Drupal #testing #BDD

I have to admit, part of me wishes this counted towards some kind of GPA somewhere

Beautiful, simple visualization of my progress through an online course. I just need to nail HW 4 and I'm good. #edtech

Srsly, guys, leave ALONE!

Just to be clear, an "exemplary course" requires a minimum screen width of 17 inches?

This "exemplary course" is a bit… um… cropped? #thisisbroken #responsivedesign

This "exemplary course" is a bit… um… cropped? #thisisbroken #responsivedesign

Also, what in the heck order is this list in?? #thisisbrokentooithink

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