Δbigail Δrthur.


Oh, hey, i'm abi, i'm welsh.. just friends with sheep, no funny business. I LOVE JAMES ARTHUR!! He follows me. Jealous? Follow me, I'll follow back k

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changed my language on facebook to pirate hahaha #funny

this is aimed at half the boys at my school. #dicksandcunts yep

i agree

this was so much fun hahaha

mario and the musroom thing in Cardiff the other day! haha #funnnnnny

the squirrel whisperer ;-)

oh yes, purple hair, be jealous

they're so attractive, always will be, no matter how old they get!

DOCTOR WHOOOO #mattsmithissexy

our science supply teacher drew Shannon! he was awesome fairplay, cant remember his name thoughhhh.

my sisters first rugby match, shes the only girl on the team haha! #proudbigsister :D

hello twitter

me and the sisteeeeerrrrrr

taking a picture in the school toilets, almost as classy at shagging in a bus stop.

i like to kiss horses #puckerup

OMFG! hahaha! im just sat here having a laughing fit! #funnyasfuck

back in year six haha, five years ago :O #bestmemories

aw thanks sam! #helovesme

me and my little sister


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