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notes that the attack on Raza Rumi's car is a part of TTP-ASWJ's series of attacks on Express TV.

  • 563 days ago via site
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This pic shows when & how were seeds of #Deobandi TTP-ASWJ terrorism sown in Pakistan, and by whom!

  • 660 days ago via site
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Missing person. Please report when you find him.

  • 851 days ago via site
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This is how Nawaz Yafta Liberals responded to police brutality against loadshedding protesters in Faisalabad.

  • 853 days ago via site
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Picture: PTI's CM-designate for KPK meets with ASWJ killers of Shias, Sunni Barelvis, Ahmadis and Christians.

  • 875 days ago via site
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Pakistan: Head of banned terrorist group Sipah Sahaba ASWJ prays for Imran Khan's well being. #PTI #PakVotes

  • 885 days ago via site
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Stamp on bat, Vote for Imran Khan #PTI #Pakistan #Humour

  • 890 days ago via site
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Picture: We won't surrender to Taliban and other Takfiri terrorists. #PPP #ANP #MQM #Pakistan #Elections2013

  • 895 days ago via site
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Picture: A doll in rubble of Abbas Town attack by Deobandi militants. Doll owner is missing. #ShiaGenocide

  • 952 days ago via site
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This picture is enough rebuttal to Ejaz Haider's apologia for army's inaction on #ShiaGenocide

  • 957 days ago via site
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distorts basic facts and history of #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan - cc

  • 961 days ago via site
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Graphic: This child is among 110 Shias killed by Deobandi militants ASWJ in Quetta on 16Feb2013. #ShiaGenocide

  • 967 days ago via site
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expresses solidarity with 21000 Shia Muslims killed by TakfiriDeobandi militants ASWJ #ShiaGenocide

  • 967 days ago via site
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To those who are silent or neutral on #LUBP's harassment by Tahir Ashrafi, we only say this: Hottest place...

  • 993 days ago via site
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  • 994 days ago via site
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Pic: At least 200,000 participants, mostOfthem educated Sunni & Shia Muslims in #TahirulQadri's rally in Islamabad

  • 998 days ago via site
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Maulana Tahir Ashrafi's Jihad against LUBP blog. Is it not harassment against citizen journalism and social media?

  • 999 days ago via site
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#QuettaSitIn by #ShiaHazaras against #ShiaGenocide by Deobandi militants in Pakistan. 80 Dead bodies not buried.

  • 1004 days ago via site
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In front of Pakistan army's training academy where OBL was found & killed, Deobandi militants' anti-Shia rally.

  • 1021 days ago via site
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Proposed medal for #NishaneJhangvi

  • 1114 days ago via site
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