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lovin on her new buddy

Miss America #sweetest

Mimi and Papa's animals. #incest?

Couldn't think of a better way to spend my sunday! #babies

Couldn't think of a better way to spend my sunday! #babies

Dis gur eats healthy fourth meal. just dommed a solid pound of asparagus #impressed #kindagrossedout

Just maxin and relaxin watching the thunder game with #lazydays

Ready to party our faces off after this hellacious pathology final. has already started...#lessgo

Blake's pills for ONE month! #wow

Win or lose--we had the best seats in the place. Right next to Kingston Perkins #babyperk

Touché upper crust this is funny/a really good idea!

Thank you for enabling and me to drink at 2PM after this hell week. #koozieup

Loved celebrating Blake's birthday with the thunder. #familytime

Best date-night ever! Front row thunder tickets, saw my bf on her bday AND got on the kiss cam #cloud9

Reliving my high school glory days with and #cheepcomp

Mission impossible is so intense #sleepygirl

Let the girls out 54 times this morning-They're pouting by the potty bells b/c I refuse to make it 55 #babysitting

Loving being finished with finals. Snuggling with my girl all day long #eva

Yo girl did something explode outcha roof?

It's like why are you lying to me target? These are hotdog buns.

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