A. Libellule


An Englishman in exile. Can usually be found either programming functionally, or swatting demonic moths in the item world.

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Well, that was certainly fun.

Also, more to the point, Blushing Chihaya.

Also, …just how large is your splash page image.

Ah, that’s nice…

When did it jump from 8th to 4th… curses. Anyway, really time to retire.

I remember having that printer…

It just sits there looking idiotic. *chuckles*

Suddenly, K-On!

Haruka’s little skip out of the studio at the start of ep. 23. Also:

I… really can’t stand them, but I can understand why people might be charmed from time to time.

But anyway, my original point: Harukaaaaaa…

Oh the myriad gods… I… I want one… maybe.