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Our own Astro Stanimal talking about his experience on starting with the game gaming industry at #PAXEast ^X

Yay! My first King Cake decoration to show some Mardi Gras love at ASTRO. Nothing fancy but it looks super tasty. :D ^S

Me and Takashi Tokita, creator of Final Fantasy 4 who's celebrating 20 years since the game's release. ^S

The duo & in our beta lab after their #GDC11 Sponsorship announcement! Hmm..

Who wants to play "I spy"??? ^X

ASTRO Adray rocking the Sharpshooter on SOCOM4 at #GDC. I want one now. ^S

Hello new addition to the Astro Gaming office! ^X

First one to send us the actual http link to this picture of wins!

Next up on #FreeStuffFriday : Silverware signed by as a unique collectors item from Dallas 2010!

Let's do one more of those Halo Reach recon helmets... ^X

Blue team! Go! Go! Go!

Incoming speed test... ^X

Upload fail! #FreeStuffFriday #SneakPeek ^X Redo!

Next up for #FreeStuffFriday : An event swag bundle! First to send a twitpic of the MLG homepage wins!

#FreeStuffFriday Official Halo button sets and Noble 6 helm! Show us your XBL avatar to win. ^X

Next up: Magic the Gathering booster pack set! First to send a pic of a mythical beast wins! #FreeStuffFriday ^X

WoW in-game item code combo: Path of Cenarius & Pet Biscuits! Show a pic of your favorite pet to win! ^X

At the Microsoft Xbox Showcase event here in SF, gonna play some Gears 3 MP beta on our A30s. :D

We could use one of your picnic tables in our Astro-turf covered office elevator.