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The ASTRObat was the tool of destruction. cc ^S

ASTRO - 1, Mario Imposter - 0. GG. ^S

Will the Mario piniata get it? Time will tell... ^S

And added Asteroids to our growing arcade lineup in the office this morning. ;) ^X

What's the first thing we bought: Dig Dug... ^X

Check out Status Quo sporting their custom A40s at #MLGDallas ^X

Rockin' at the booth while attendees play SSFIV 3D on the 3DS on custom A30s. ^S

While ^X and the rest of the ASTRO team are at #MLGDallas, at least I get to go to here in SF. :D ^S

Good morning Dallas! For you all coming to the event: travel safe & see you soon. Stop by the booth and say hi! ^X

vs. on Space Invaders... Who's your money on? ^X

stopped by the Astro Office and just got schooled on Space Invaders. ;) ^X

Congrats to Rob for finding us first during the Reach tourney at #PAXEast and winning our prize pack.

First one to find me in the Console Tournament room at #PAXEast wins gear from one of our favorite partners! ^X

Look at all these Astro headsets in the PC Freeplay room at #PAXEast! So pretty! ^X

1st tweet by ASTRO Warblade! Last day of #PAXEast. Have you participated in our digital scavenger hunt yet? ^W

Child of Eden at the booth is always a trip. Perfect use of our wireless MixAmp 5.8, right? #PAXEast ^S

#PAXEast Day 2 begins with more insanity. Already lost ASTRO Warblade and Xarion to the Star Wars: Old Republic line...

PAX EAST Digital Scavenger Hunt! SEARCH_SCAN_WIN. From: , , , -the-Gathering.

Running around #PAXEast! If you see these A30's on some dude with a cool hat and Scout bag, say hi! ^S

Who's a fan of ? We are! ^X