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and now I ask myself "What have I done" with the answer being "the right thing" #GroovyBane

Okonomiyaki attempt, take 2! looks much better this time!

And also this sweet, totally professional, notebook I keep it all in, thanks to ;D

I thought you guys might enjoy this- my art to-do broken down by client and each individual step for their images.

I am having a passionate love affair with this fine lady this weekend~ #ClockworkPrincess

instead I must focus on work. Like all the inking I have to do… #amdrawing #inking #TheRefuge #appropriate

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? #TheRefuge #IronGIbbetStuff #PromoArt

I ink this and all I can think of is "I got Your Pistola" #amdrawing #inking

Perhaps I should have a month of saved ref pics of myself and blog them? It would be interesting, lol

The wife got her book proof today! Excitement! They're both so pretty

I know Alex I can't believe it's not butter either. #TheRefuge #IronGIbbetStuff #amsketching

Bring on the ladies! Practicing our protagonist for #TheRefuge. Who's shirt is that?

Also; short doesn't equal less dangerous! #TheRefuge #IronGIbbetStuff

Reference reference reference reference! #amdrawing

Although it's really not that bad, just wrinkly. Oh and also over those OTHER PAGES #IronGIbbetStuff

RIP moment before my cat decided to dip her paw into my coffee and WALK ALL OVER THE PAGE #IronGIbbetStuff

When something doesn't sit right, sometimes a redraw is what the doc ordered!

#DayToday update delayed until tuesday because it still looks like this and I need a day off from art!

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