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Verified Little Mons†er, °Taracorn° Mons†er 4Ever I love @ladygaga...My AR♈POP could mean anything! followed by:@Msilas23, BULLYING IS FOR LOSERS ¡NOH8! :D

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So this is the rare picture GaGa put on the video! :O

Go on monsters!!!! Support Marriage Equality by doing this your DP!!!! FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!

Queen Of Pop's Birthday In 3 Days

The Dirty Pearls RTed me! :O

Thank you GaGa for the Born This Way Ball Tour, you helped this dream became truth! You liberate ourselves!

I saw FAME today! :') I want more FAME!

GaGa Queen Of Hotness

Soooo beautiful!!!

I just bought the Monster Ball at Madison Square Garden on DVD again!

OMG so excited!!!!! Can't wait!

#SongsThatWillNeverGetOld Poker Face!! Po po po Poker Face!

Snippet Mariano Vivanco! Can't wait for this picture in HQ!!!!!

Spaghetti NOIR comme FAME! I'M ITALIAN!!!

This Born This Way Photo is about to LEAK in FULL COLOR! Can't wait!

This is the original leaked outtake and full!

This is creepy when I put a comment on Little Monsters it says comment posted 2014 years ago! :O