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First time in years eating bagel bites. Reminds me of haha

Got woken up by this little ball of energy. He's a flirtatious one, nibbling my ear and licking my neck.

Had to stock up snacks at my mommy's. Thanks to , I was craving a slurpee haha

Shows how long its been since I've made popcorn. The bag now becomes a bowl o.O #mindfuck

My moms bf has tequila in a gun that came with 2 bullet shot glasses haha. I just smashed in a Boggle tourney yupp

What is this giant yellow orb in these clear blue skies? California is so strange...

I forgot how small planes to Long Beach are haha

Bout to grub with and as we watch Zoolander! #lovemycrewbutnotthekorean

Ughh, this is what I come home to haha. Empty bottle of Captains/Martinelli's, half empty bottle of Jager...

Haha wanted to try on the Domo snuggie

Me and the lovely last night for NYE

Quite deceiving, Muscle Milk contains NO milk. False advertisement.

Overly ecstatic right now! Finally, McDonald's breakfast! After I eat, I sleep. I need to be up in 3 hrs for work o.O

hahaha I know its not movie popcorn :P

Fake ass at Southcenter #smh #getyourownswag

Can't remember the last time my car didn't have the oil light and check engine light on. Thanks !

Seriously, wtf? Woke up to this. Who does this... Creeper.

just heated up a bunch of pizza bites. It made me think of you haha

It's the immaculate conception! My jalapeno chips had twins! (I ate one of them...) It's a delicacy in some places...