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When things happen its normally for a reason. Destiny is a word. Fate is a feeling. You can only make things happen.

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Idk how this guy found the face card on the ground before me. #KeepUrChinUp&EyesDown

Omg wtf everytime i leave and come back theres another one

Ya buddy did you see that sports game!!! It was sooo sporty

If id wear a turban that would be it #I<3Pink

#KeptItBearPics could have been. #KeepinItCute :-P


Bitty Bears!!!


My bear

Danez Bear! !!!

Paul Bear!!!

Its a Barry Bear bear eh #sohim

Yeh Buddy! #TeamDnA

Underneath every ponytail theres an asshole. #Ousshhht

Now thats how you make trays!!! #TeamDnA

Now thats how you make trays!!! #TeamDnA