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Ahhh Yeaaa. Just picked up a special passenger from Safely buckled up now for the ride back to Chula.

If you drive one of these and are not physically impaired or a senior citizen- I cannot respect you. #getarealbike

Fresh pair of Dragon 2's ready for Worlds. Thnx for the hookup--best shoe I've ridden in. #qualitypedals

Took the best seats in the house w. for the OTC fireworks show-- it's nice having VIP access to a SX ramp.

Love riding the ole home track. RC is dialed in for the national, so fast. Can't wait to race on it this weekend!

Will the real Arielle Martin please stand up

Can't decide if I'm happy or sad this lasts me less than a week. should be happy--bank acct not so much

Motorcycle date night with this guy-- yes we are a cool couple.

Can't have a bad day when you start it off on moto with views like this. Headed to Vancouver now for more teamUSA time.

Ahh your a breath of fresh air Seattle. Literally.

nice to see you

Finally escaped the Dutch hotel and I see the keeper of the gates. Made my day

The only guy other than pops that I trust to wrench on my bike- getting her dialed for tomorrow's practice. Thnx Paul!

Just had a fun windy little sess on local track. Nice to see some lips and landings euro style