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A good lawyer; one employed up to the payroll, and a good job to keep my pocket full of pesos !

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Pale is sexy.

This loofa had been in the old shower for so long I thought no one owned it. It resurfaces in the new shower. #BoyWasIWrong

No seriously.

RT Which one of you hoes wasted your money & ruined your life going to school for massage therapy ??? My back needs rubbed...

Peep my window life. Pretty cool hunh?

it's typical af. I kaint, but that's what white ppl will pay to see...

animated saga.

I present the bit.

"Yep it's Homewood and I'm white." Unreal... Who knew selecting a dry cleaner was a racial issue?#YelpPGH

RT Circuit city never left, they just shipped stuff out from tiger direct

negative! (Nakama v) states it's "Hoo Hoo". Like so

I missed the joke.

there's gonna be a bunch of sick snow bunnies in Shadyside this week. Question is are you the remedy lol.

"Tryna pull a white girl out of club cheetah! Uh oh!" #JungleFeva

Tell them bitxhes come over!

They say racism ain't alive? Kards Unlimited is boldly revealing it. #Awareness

I'm mentally "home alone". (Waka v)