AJ Risedorph


Husband to @JennaRaeRise, Social Studies Educator at NorthWood High School, Former @IPFWAthletics Baseball Pitcher, & @IPFW Grad.

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Yeah that's corn. Nothing like Indiana farming.

Time to cut some tassels.

Middle of a corn field... This is above me... #notgood

Such a gorgeous woman #blessed

This is the defense mechanism by when she is tired and the truck smells. #EliteAgronomy

Is short on socks?

not so much

Forever in Comerica!

oh it's ready!

oh it's ready!

golf shoes!

Theres swinging for the fences again...

I wonder if is hungry for some racoon? #lookatwhaticaught

pitting and not knowing... #priceless

Cravings are finally being addressed. #Oreopinata



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