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Copy editor, runner, cyclist. I accidentally got locked in the press room of the St. Cloud Times in 3rd grade. I've been a fan of newspapers ever since.

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Scenic overlook near Rushford, emphasis on the word "scenic" #beautiful

A Minnesotan wrote this fortune cookie, I'm almost positive #seedsofpassiveaggression

Also, I really need to invest in a less dorky looking bike helmet #DJJDbiketour

I really need to get a less dorky bike helmet #DJJDbiketour

Phase 1 of my attempt to brew pumpkin beer is complete, I bought a pumpkin #babysteps

Also of note: my Tyvek bivvy held up quite well in the rain last night. Not the best to sleep in, but effective.

Also, a belated photo of last night's dinner: hamburger helper lasagna w/ diced summer sausage as a meat substitute

I don't think I've ever been this happy to see paved roads #bikekayaktrip #ihatedirtroads

A peanut butter, jelly and avocado sandwich. No, I haven't gone crazy and yes, it's actually pretty good.

Never gets old seeing my name in print, plus I REALLY like the photos I took for this story

Apparently big Jenga's a thing in Denver, this needs to migrate to Minnesota ASAP

Denver Cruisers: a mass bike ride w/ more than 2,000 people & the men are wearing dresses. This is a strange place

Foot hills near Boulder, the view never gets old for me

You know a bar is serious about ping pong when they've got 8 tables #legit

We'll, we're rock climbing near the Coors Brewery, so that's kind of the same thing, pretty warm up here as well

Today's activity: trying to climb this. Could get interesting

Tap room at Great Divide Brewing in Denver, touring the brewery in 20 min, Rockies game after that, it's a hard life

Biking/walking trail in downtown Denver, I'm a fan #vacation

View from the deck of my friend's place in denver, I'm ok with this #vacation

The zipper on my bike bag (AKA the thing holding my clothes) broke on my way to work. Solution? Use my belt #crafty