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Oo package with #14 welder's glass came in from AirGas! 78 cents each only for safe, naked eye solar viewing!!

Oo, my turn! #VenusTransit : took pictures like this

Lmao look what my brother, , found on a dollar. #ScienceFTW #AlsoRubberStampWin

I wake up to find this, and then I find out my classes are cancelled. #YaySnowDay lol

Damn these needles are huge! #NotHeroin

I measured 8.5" in the middle of the yard. I like this pic that compares the '11 and '67 blizzards.

it is! You have things we don't have, like humongous catfish!!!

Seriously the BEST liquor ever made.

I look outside to find this. #Man

I should've made them thicker...and chocolate. #Nom

Ooo. But we can only dance like that because we are all skinnier than you cheeseheads.

This is why you don't cut education. #Envirement #Sycosis #Acruelycq?

This is why you don't cut education. #Envirement #Sycosis #Acruelycq?

This is why you don't cut education. #Envirement #Sycosis #Acruelycq?

Of course I would lol, check out this shirt I'm gonna buy. Corny shirts are the best lol.


Thought you'd liked to see a possible graben on Mars, and it's circular. #Geo.... #Meo? Lol

RT : Mayan Calendar > Mark Sanchez but.......

It's sad that there's enough demand to give this product an aisle stand in Walmart. #2012 #AllHopeIsLost

Two girls are walking around my school with Red Bull cooler backpacks handing out Red Bulls. What no Jäger?! Lol.