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Tommy's digging onto the anniversary pie Zack made us.

This is what Hailey typed on the computer to try to find pictures of "cute baby hedgehogs."

Not his FIRST time in the big tub, but the first time I've remembered to bring my phone in with us.


A bit foggy out today, don't you think?

I went into Tommy's room to get him up from his nap and this if how I found him. This is the first time he's stood up this way in his crib.

He's playing on the computer.

Hailey turned her ball onto a work of art...

Tommy is eating squash and beef... And LOVING it!

Looks like someone is a little bit tired this evening... I guess it'll be another long, sleepless night for me (as were the last 13 nights).

It's Baby !

And Oreo Pie for dessert!


Tommy was playing with the plastic rings on his play mat and apparently decided to accessorize... (See red "bracelet.")

Used my new vacuum for the first time today and look how much dirt came out of my medium-sized area rug that I vacuum every other day.

I made myself a strawberry banana mango spinach smoothie. Yum!

Spiderman came to save my baby! My hero! :D

Hailey, pretending to be a dinosaur. She scared a bunch of people.

At The Bone Fishing Slam yesterday, Hailey having a great time at The Archery Shop. She got to shot a bow and arrow!

Watched in #PitbullToddlerLive yesterday. The baby kicked constantly... Guys times had by all! Even those unborn. :)

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