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. store in grand central, which opens Friday.

This is how many tweets happen on my timeline over the weekend.

Zuccotti park, always lulzy. #ows

The booing of fox news [BLURRY] #ows

#ows protesters filtering back into Zuccotti. OH cop: 'right this way, welcome home'

Riot gear cops lining up on Cedar behind this ad hoc gathering/mic check. #ows

Rent is too damn high guy just showed up at #ows. What is that guy's name again?

#ows brass band has moved on to catchy rendition of 'La Cucaracha.'

Some official in Zuccotti cleaning up w a trash bag. #ows

First time i have seen these ground lights on in zuccotti. Overhead, three helicopters. #ows

Brass band playing 'when the saints go marching in.' People putzing around. Cops seem relatively merry. #ows

NYPD changes park rules sign. No longer says '6 to 10.' #ows

There's our headline! #ows #sike

Police arrest one occupier, march him w backpack through park. Sirens. Fire truck just arrived #ows

Livestream back, drummers back, vendors back. #ows

Group at Zuccotti chanting 'let us in!' It loudens, then dies out. #ows

The #ows mini brass band, drumming on barricade.

Starting to drizzle at Zuccotti. Dude passing out 99% name tags, another passing out reeses. #ows

#ows The only guy left in Zuccotti Park.

NYPD guards empty park. #ows

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