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After I and my sports obsessed neighbor had a rare heart to heart about our kids, I found out he is a Good Guy Dad

Growing out of the Geek.

To all the devs. Seriously, just stop.

Just pull up to the line!

To the customer who still sat at the table reading his book after I turned the lights off and put the closed sign up.

If only more teens saw stuff like this, we could lick that darned teen pregnancy problem, lickety-split!

Gaming with your parrot, cause why the hell not

Milk in cookie cup.

A hodge-podge of memes is the only way I can explain what happened to me last night.

Perfectly timed selfie.

Suffer like a boss

Gamer Gurl VS Girl who plays video games

Band member responds to restaurants request for free labor.

Girls be like...

For all you GOT fans

You can always find a loophole.

Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp

Dog Problems.

This bag of chips is being a real eco-douche

I feel like this etiquette will get lost on the next generation