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I've been away for just over a year. I grew up. Kinda like Ocarina of Time except without the whole Temple of Time nonsense.

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This is gonna be the badge for something, don't know what yet. Copyright 98Clank98 2009

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Angry Faic finger penguin!

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My sisters mates and herself lifted a safe up our spiral stairs. We (Them, Mum and me) celebrated getting up there with cake.

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I've dreamt up this little clockwork robot since I was 7 and I finally made him. (or a model anyway)

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Me, wearing my school uniform and showing you my towel for towel day!

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The coolest figure I own, ignore the fact it's Ben 10. It's translucent green and feels so liquidey. It. is. awesome.

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Going to a friends birthday party at 12:20 so I'm having my lunch now.

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My Pokemanz

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First I have to choose my favorite article from this to summarize for my reading ( l:P Bleh )

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Evil homework brings an abrupt end to my Pokemanzing. Damn. (Actually alot less fun than it looks, the only fun bit is when I do the spelling word cartoons)

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Oh well, the wonderful smell of fresh bread has lifted my spirits.

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My reaction to the extensive training to swallow pills I just went through (Dunno why I can't do it!) Oh, and my free texts anytime thingy has just expired since I haven't been topping up my phone.

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I find it's wise to listen to him.

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Skruff the DS ball ferret says: "Get up awf yaw ass and get som brekfast bitch!"

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It's raining, I'm bored, My DS is fully charged, time to waste an afternoon trying to catch Mesprit.

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