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I've been away for just over a year. I grew up. Kinda like Ocarina of Time except without the whole Temple of Time nonsense.

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Found this, a 3D walking stickman, coolishness. (This is not mine, I take no credit for it O copyright squids of anger)

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Also it's been 200 days since I discovered Twitpic. Let's see what I've done in that time: Make a prat of myself. YAY! :D

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Rain Rain Rain. Did I mention rain? Oh and it isn't 14˙ out there, it's much worse. Around 1˙-2˙

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You just got -Coraline Button Key-! -Coraline Button Key- has been added to your inventory!

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ALGEBRA! Rock Buns + School Bag = Rock Pebbles, work it out. (Calculators are forbidden)

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Channel 4's 3-D week, making wearing 7 pairs of glasses at once cool.

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A plasticine character I just made up, dunno if I'll ever use him but I like him.

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New YouTube Icon, approvals?

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The weirdest thing in my room is a baseball (I live in Scotland BTW) which was used in a proper baseball game in Iraq. It's very dirty.

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Gideons International organization thingy gave everyone free Bibles, this is like the 3rd one I own, I DON'T EVEN READ THEM!

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My tooth finally came out on Saturday night. (At around 11pm because it was literally hanging on by a thread and I didn't want to swallow it).

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LOL, He's so shaggy, he can has a haircut option!

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-Alternate View-

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I found a toy gun in the street today. Wasn't broken and the barrel rotates. If I ever need it, repaint=WIN

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Does the classic package Irn Bru taste like it did when it was first made or does it just look like it did when it was first made? I'm about to find out.

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