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Really like the this Conga one!

... and so thought I'd share a few pics online from my collection.

First person to guess what 80s film this is wins it. Please use #80sNosComp when guessing.

The Real Ghostbusters Cel 3: a female ghost throwing what looks like a chicken leg?

The Real Ghostbusters Cel number 2: Egon, Venkman and Winston in robes.

Incidentally, this is what you are all entering a draw to win... The Real Ghostbusters Cel number 1: Egon.

Hey look, I have a cup-o-Kev. #INeedAProperHobby

Just won a bag of stuff from . Thanks Andy and Nicola! and will be so jealous!

Ok, 80s CDs up for grabs now. To enter the draw just name your favourite 80s song and use hashtag #80sNosComp.

They are so good!

Also have 3 production animation cels actually used in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon to give away tomorrow. #80sNosComp

Wow! Genuine Wow! I've just found my original "Trick Stick"

Looks as though the winner of the latest DVD is ! It was Look Who's Talking. DM a post address and its yours!

Guess this DVD to win it. Please use #80sNosComp when guessing. I thought this was a 90s film, but internet says 80s..

Ok, next DVD in the #80sNosComp is this odd one. First correct guess wins it!

Congrats to for guessing correctly.

Next DVD up for grabs! Use #80sNosComp to guess and the first correct guesser wins it! Ready.....

Correct! RT : breakfast club?

Guess what this top DVD is and you could win it. #80sNosComp